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Wow, been a while since an update, now this isn’t a full update just a whats going on type of thing, first up sorry for the lack of updates but real life concerns have been the focus of most of the team including myself so not much has been done, there will be a later update at some stage this will happen once i get some items from another member of the team, i have cleared up my own life for the next few weeks before i end up with having to manage time between EF and Life but not too worry it shell be done and we have zero plans on not finishing EF but it is a large project and requires a lot of work so it will take some time to work on.

At this stage while i wait for the next news update to be finished up i have started work on the UNSC M808 Scorpion Tank as well as some more work on code, Expect to be seeing some Recruitment Posts as well as we badly need more team members.

Expect more Later with the Next Large News Update

Lead Developer
Elysian Fields

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