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    Update 26/09/2016

    26 September 2016 , by Madiba127

    Well it has been some time since we have posted an update, i wish to apologise for that, real life has caused some disruptions with the project as well as the fact that we are still a very small team, what this means is that progress is slow for us and any issues can cause delays but rest assured this... Read more

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    Update 12/07/2105

    12 July 2015 , by Madiba127

    Wow, been a while since an update, now this isn’t a full update just a whats going on type of thing, first up sorry for the lack of updates but real life concerns have been the focus of most of the team including myself so not much has been done, there will be a later update at some stage this... Read more

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    Quick Update

    20 May 2015 , by Madiba127

    Fist off Sorry for the lack of “Real” Updates lately, most of the team has been bogged down with Real Life and such does not have that much time for Elysian Fields, Fear not we are not dead, we will not stop doing the project just real life must always come first. Because i myself am in the same boat,... Read more

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    Domain Name

    13 May 2015 , by Madiba127

    As you may have noticed we have changed the domain name that our website uses, this is because of the changes that is happening with the website in which we felt it was best to have our own domain different from Pegasus which is the new Name for Madiba127 Studios the Old URL will work up until Pegasus switch over... Read more

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    New and Improved Website

    2 May 2015 , by Madiba127

    First Off let me say sorry for the time it has taken to get this website back up and running, Things out of my control stopped me working on it for sometime while i sorted all that out This website Still Runs on WordPress but with a new and improved design as well as New Plugins to improve what we... Read more

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    Christmas Update 2014

    12 March 2015 , by Madiba127

    With Christmas being so soon, i thought i might give a special update on whats going on At the moment i am not doing very much work on Code just some slow progress on some Models for the UNSC Buildings as well as some work on the Elysian Fields Campaign. But Other than that not much work is being done... Read more

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